Technology Grid

Technology Grid indicates the flexibility of IRMAGS - the technology Framework accommodate many possible combinations to create multitudes of solutions.

IRMAGS technology Grid is representation of the spread of technologies developed by Webyfy. This includes hardware and software modules and protocol compliances. This self-explanatory, indicative diagram shows all the major technologies and hardware components. This also helps to select technology stack required for an application. The diagram also shows the role of the respective technology modules and the interconnection between them. It also spells out the alternatives.

An example of Application Configuration

Subsequent diagram shows how major technology and hardware components are chosen for a monitoring system with sensors and CCTV video surveillance. This system also has audio surveillance. The diagram shows the basic modules and how they are interconnected. The modules that are not required for the application are grayed out.

The details of Central Monitoring Station which interfaces with all the locations is not shown.