IRMAGS - Intelligent Remote Management of Geographically Distributed Systems

Webyfy Labs has developed a framework for assembling hardware and software modules through configuration to create multitudes of end user solutions without any programming effort.

Webyfy Labs has developed a framework called IRMAGS for managing thousands of geographically distributed assets in real time. Ubiquitous computing and intelligence is the prominent design criteria.

IRMAGS is a framework to create a custom solution in a very short duration without any programming or hardware development effort. This framework has a large number of hardware and software modules. These intelligent modules are of generic nature and can be assembled using a configuration system.

This system ensures backward compatibility and have high fault tolerance. It is designed to accommodate ever changing business requirements without having to replace the existing system. IRMAGS is under constant development and the latest technology is made available to customers for improved functionalities.

The framework can accept all industry standard third party hardware components. It can securely integrate with existing enterprise systems.

IRMAGS is designed to provide immediate solutions for a broad range of applications, in multiple business domains in the realm of Internet of Things (IoT).

Following design details illustrate the capabilities of IRMAGS in greater depth.

Generic Architecture of IRMAGS