Hardware Modules

Several hardware modules with built-in intelligence are developed by Webyfy Labs through in-house R&D effort.

Webyfy Labs has developed several hardware modules. These hardware are designed to have maximum possible intelligence. The data collation and similar hardware are designed to accept Industry standard sensors and other components. This is to ensure that customers do not get restricted to the hardware supplied by Webyfy.

Over 75 hardware modules in the various categories listed below have been designed and developed by Webyfy labs. And most of them have intelligence to suite to multiple applications.

In-depth capabilities of a few hardware modules are mentioned under Details of Hardware Modules.

The hardware modules fall under the following categories.

Several sensor boards are developed by Webyfy Labs. They include sensing of AC/DC voltage, AC current sensors of various types, Humidity, illumination, Piezo based vibration sensing for multiple applications, Temperature sensors with various types of sensors including RTD, etc.

In addition, modules are developed for energy metering, touch sensing, PIR sensors, accelerometers etc.

Wireless (BLE) / LORA communication capability is also implemented into sensors – especially for Current, PIR, MEMS microphone modules, inertial modules.

These are interfacing boards with micro relays which actuates the customer end devices. For example; Open/Close values, Start/Stop motors, switch lights, or any process as per application design. Motor control boards and PWM boards also come under this category.

These boards provide physical isolation to the data collation units from the sensors circuits. Different boards are used for Analog input isolation, Digital input Isolation, RS232/485 isolation, Relay output isolation, high speed sampling rate analog input isolation etc

Data collation modules collate data from sensors or push signal to the actuators. They may act as conduits for data to pass through and have capability to partially process data. Changing the periodicity of measurement, data conversion to more intelligent level, calibration and conversion etc can be carried out. The details are placed under Details of Hardware Modules.

IRMAGS supports several data communication protocols like Ethernet, CAN, Wi-Fi, BLE, LPWAN (LORA) etc. Each of these are used intelligently and can be interconnected with other segment managed with a different protocol. Suitable modules are created for each protocol and its interconnection.

Sensors and Actuators and other modules need to be connected to its panels through a respective connector board. There are a few generic terminal boards designed for IRMAGS. They are for 7 input Digital, 7 input Analog / high speed Analog, 7 output relay, 4-20mA input, Audio input/output. In addition, application specific terminal boards are also created to optimize resources.

Webyfy Labs also has created several special purpose modules for specific application. For example; Access control panel which has numeric key pad for authorization and has 7 I/Os and a system status indicator.

Power supplies required for modules are also created by webyfy Labs. This is to ensure quality and congruence with module requirements.

Webyfy Labs being an R&D organization, requires several testing and programing resources. Several are developed by the design team. For example; Wi-Fi Field diagnostic kit, BLE Field diagnostic kit, Micro power measurement test jig, Pogo based testing boards and test jig and several programmer boards etc. These ensure quality of the products and assist in production.