Installation, Commissioning, Software Management and Maintenance system is an entity created to help the installation engineer to carryout error free installation and automatic commissioning

Installation, Commissioning, Software Management and Maintenance System. One of the difficult, time consuming and error prone activities is the installation and commissioning activity. Any errors during this period; especially when hundreds of sensors, controllers, cameras and other hardware need to be hooked up, will be very difficult to trace and rectify. If all these activities are to be carried out manually, the quality and number of technical personnel need to be high and will be quite time consuming and expensive.

IRMAGS system being a software driven system and since Webyfy is an R&D company carrying out improvements activities constantly, there will be a need to update the software many a times for better functionality and efficiency. Complication is aggravated as the software profile may be different for different locations.

The system becomes very complex with hundreds of systems spread across all over the geographical area. The maintenance activities like diagnosis and location of faulty component would become very difficult.

Installation, Commissioning, Software Management and Maintenance System is a one stop solution for all the above issues and help to reduce the installation cost, cycle time and make the maintenance easy and quick. The software updates are automatic from a central location and recognizes the uniqueness of a location. This will reduce system down time and lower the carrying cost.

The diagram shows a typical commissioning interface. The specific advantage of the system is that, each of the processes can be rerun and if not properly carried out, will revert back to the last working profile. The activities listed on the right side can be individually run.

The result of the process will be available to the commissioning engineer on his mobile.