Independent, distributed rule based processing for managing geographically distributed systems

by Vijay on Mon, Jan 25, 2016

When managing distributed systems, it is critical to enable the specific system in a location to be independent in its functionality delivery without assistance from a Remote monitoring station.

When managing distributed systems, it is critical to make a system at a location independent, in its functionality delivery without assistance from the Remote monitoring station. At the same time, it should allow remote over ride and report to remote monitoring stations.

Geographically distributed systems are interconnected systems with independent operational capability. They may or may not depend on each other for operation. Data is exchanged amongst systems as per predefined requirements. And control may be initiated from remote locations.

Most of the geographically distributed systems like security monitoring systems, remote operation and control, remote operations monitoring etc are interconnected systems with remote reporting and control. In conventional systems, they act as data gathering stations with centralized data processing and control. These depend heavily on the health of the data communication lines. And need very heavy processing clusters at the centralized processing centers. Data communication links are the weakest in any remote monitoring system. The stability of connection and availability of bandwidth is unpredictable.

Geographically distributed systems need to carryout location specific operations and be independent of instructions from a command center. Intelligence must be built into it, to carry out all required tasks automatically as per predefined rules or through intelligent decision making.

In addition,

local systems must have intelligence to report operating parameters to the central command center as and when bandwidth permits. It must also remember to take all instructions pertaining to it for execution. Further, the data must be stored locally and transferred to the central data storage system as per requirement.

Webyfy has created technology stack which can operate automatically without any manual assistance, totally independent of the central command center and carry out instructions as per predefined rules. It stores data locally. The central command center can access the data or data can be sent to it as per the definition of the process. The central command center can also override the local operation as per authorization.

This technology can be used to effectively manage any geographically distributed monitoring and control systems.