Multiple Edge Communication Methods

IRMAGS has hardware and software modules which can handle multiple methods of communication like wireless -Wi-Fi, LPWAN - LORA, BLE, etc and wired mode like serial, RS 2432, RS485, CAN, Ethernet, SPI etc .

IRMAGS supports and has multiple modules for various communication protocols for interconnecting the devices at the EDGE. The diagram shows the various protocols supported by IRMAGS. Respective hardware and software modules for enabling the communication is available from Webyfy Labs. The details are mentioned under hardware.

In addition to supporting multiple protocols, Webyfy Labs has developed interconnection modules. These modules interconnect BLE to Wi-Fi or to Ethernet. Also the LORA to WiFi etc. Webyfy Labs has also implemented the BLE and LORA mesh topologies.

In the wired connection arena, Webyfy Labs can connect up and interconnect RS232, RS485, CAN, Ethernet, Serial, 1wire. Details are shown in the diagram.

The process flow and the options are shown in the process diagram.