Intelligent EDGE

IRMAGS enables clusters of Sensors, Actuators, displays and data collation devices to be intelligent and self-sustaining if application stipulates so.

Edge system consist of multiple sensors, actuators, data collation devices and data processors. It can also have video and audio I/O devices. The Edge systems can be inert systems which collates data and carryout actuations without local processing. These systems depend on external command centers to carry out the intent.

IRMAGS provides facility to carryout independent computing process making it an intelligent EDGE. This facility enables the systems to work independently and at the same time be in synchronism with remote monitoring /control centers. The significant advantage is the ability to immediately react to situations without waiting for an external command. This will make IOT systems to act autonomously, execute rules based on data, and act as and when required immediately. This also saves significant bandwidth and avoids expensive data centers.

The spectrum of technology components of IRMAGS is illustrated in the diagram. The process can be seen in the next diagram.