Centralized Remote Monitoring System.

IRMAGS has highly scalable technologies to remotely monitor thousands of geographically dispersed installations in real time.

IRMAGS has significant technology capability to manage thousands of installations concurrently. This system provides configurable functionalities and interfaces to suite the application. The functionalities are mapped into modules and they are assembled to form the final application. The computing operations are fine tuned to run on Commodity hardware available off-the-shelf. This helps the customer to install the system in their premises at a low cost, without spending on band width and cloud services. This reduces the carrying cost to a minimum. In addition, there is total security of data generated in the system.

IRMAGS has several built-in facilities to help the operators. Facilities like making phone calls through the system without entering the mobile number, recording of the conversation, sending email and SMS through the interface etc are provided.

In addition, authorized persons can access the system through mobile phone. The logs of all activities are kept so that, an audit trail can be generated. Since all the activities and appropriate data are logged either at the centralized monitoring station or at a specific location, as many reports as desired can be generated and sent by email to designated persons at designated period.

The diagram shows the generic architecture of the Centralized Monitoring Station