Automatic Interface Generation.

IRMAGS has mainly four types of user interfaces. They are map based user interface, consolidated Operator’s User Interface, Video interface and the Report interface. All these are automatically generated based on the parameters and rule configuration without any software effort

IRMAGS has an interface generation engine which can generate interfaces in real time based on the parameters defined and the rules controlling them. The interface are designed after detailed study on how information from a very large number of entities can be intelligently conveyed to the operator. And they should be automatically generated in real time. There are four main types of interfaces.

  1. Map based interface

    This is used to represent a large number of locations in real time. The icons act as navigating entities to other interfaces. The colour of the icon can also indicate the status of the individual location

  2. Consolidated Operator Interface

    This interface displays several parameters like Video with remote camera control, values of sensors and its derived values, control buttons for remotely operating equipment at the location, audio communication facilities, real time graphs, making phone calls and sending SMS/email, external data fetched from internet or other sources etc. This interface can update data from multiple locations in real time.

  3. Video Interface

    This interface is developed basically for remote video surveillance solutions. The video wall updates the videos in real time at a slower refresh rate. The video of a specific location can be popped up and the refresh rate increases to the maximum in synchronism to the available bandwidth at the specific location. The display of the video wall can be organized according to multiple predefined rules.

  4. Mobile access

    The interface is fine-tuned to be managed through mobile devices. The access and the activities can be restricted to authorized persons.

  5. Report Interface

    IRMAGS logs all the data generated by its sensors and other computed values. Multitudes of reports can be generated using this. The reports can be predefined to be sent to multiple authorized persons at a predefined schedule.