LIFO a critical requirement in security video communication

by Vijay on Thu, Feb 23, 2017

When the security video is viewed in real time, the operator need to see the last image and not wait for the whole video to be streamed. LIFO – Last In First Out technology enables this.

The security video streamed in real time to an operator to a remote monitoring station needs to display the latest image. This may not be possible if the bandwidth is low or erratic. The LIFO technology enables the skipping older frames and latest sent.

Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) mode of communication that transmits the data received last into the communication channel. The system may keep older data or discard them. Normally, video communication pushes the entire video to the receiver to view. But this may not be a practical solution in a security scenario.

An operator monitoring a location for identifying security issues in a location, is interested in getting the latest images of the location under monitoring. Using conventional methodology, the operator must wait for the entire video to be downloaded before viewing anything.

In case the bandwidth for data communication at the location is also erratic, the video transmission goes into the moving spiral. This is a handicap in a security monitoring.

LIFO technology developed by Webyfy allows video frames to be sent as they are received. The system understands the availability of bandwidth and changes the rate of transmission of frames. The frames are intelligently skipped and the latest frame is pushed out.

The process ensures that an operator always get the latest image on his screen and hence knowledge of what happens at a location.