Configurable sensor data input devices essential for ubiquitous intelligence

by Vijay on Thu, Sep 15, 2016

Stress is brought to the need for configurability of the sensor collation device to enable ubiquitous intelligence.

Ubiquitous Intelligence warrants intelligence in last mile sensor data collation devices or at best in the sensors or actuators themselves. Configurability of the embedded software in the sensor hub plays a critical role in making it intelligent. The configurations should also be driven from “outside” without need for any additional software effort.

As per the meaning “Being present everywhere at once” and “the ability to learn, understand, and make judgments or have opinions” webyfy has built-in intelligence into the devices at every level, especially in devices interacting with last mile sensors or actuators or if possible in the sensors itself.

By making a device intelligent, one expects the device to be self-correcting, rule abiding and configurable. And should also be able to take decisions as and when the need arises and communicate the results to the module higher in hierarchy. In short, it should know when to take a decisions and when to escalate.

Cost being a critical consideration, making the sensors intelligent maybe impractical and expensive for the customer. Sensors are normally connected to a data collation and actuator control device. One can make this device intelligent.

Webyfy has developed a data collation and control device which is completely independent in operation and have built in simple intelligence. It can control a very large number of devices and act based on predefined rules. The device can communicate the values of the sensors based on periodicity, exceed predefined limits, change periodicity etc. It can also correlate values obtained from multiple sensors and initiate action using the actuators.

The data collation and control board – PHYSC developed by Webyfy is a device which supports ubiquitous intelligence.