Need for bandwidth aware video transmission

by Vijay on Wed, Nov 23, 2016

Band width aware data transmission technology is required to get the latest image of a remote location is critical when it comes to security monitoring.

When it comes to video based security monitoring of remote installations, bandwidth aware communication is critical. One cannot wait for the image of higher size (resolution) to be received. Operator need to know instantly what is happening at the specific location. For this to happen, the images need to be resized to adjust to the bandwidth available.

Webyfy has extensive experience in transmitting video over broad band, 3G and 4 G connections. Often the bandwidths of these connections are not stable and vary widely. Video transmission in the MJPG format becomes sluggish when the frame size and rate are fixed.

When using the system for Security purposes, the need for getting the latest image at the fastest pace becomes very critical. Hence the need to vary the frame size and the rate of transmission depending on available band width.

The process involves two aspects. First, detection of the available bandwidth followed by alteration of the frame size and the rate of transmission. The former can be carried out by different methodologies like monitoring the data transmission speed in real time, external references etc

Depending on the bandwidth detected, the size of the frame and the rate of transmission can be altered in real time and transmitted.

MJPEG format is the latest frame to be made available to the monitoring personnel engaged in security oriented monitoring. The H264 mode of transmission updates changes in a frame in real time. The method may run into difficulty when images need to be made available to the operator in a security monitoring scenario with varying bandwidth.

The system switching from one mode of transmission to another is carried out through a separate logic or by understanding the availability of the specific connection.