Configuration Driven Solution Creation.

IRMAGS is a configuration based solution generation framework. This has hundreds of software modules and hardware modules with embedded software. A solution is developed through configuration

IRMAGS is a configuration based solution development system. It is thus designed for generation of hundreds of solutions in a very short period of time. In addition, the dynamics of business can be easily accommodated immediately in this system.

As a design standard, all modules are created with backward compatibility. And the design also ensures that no change will be required in the main hardware for any alterations to the system. This is achieved through design of hardware that are driven by software following the principle “Hardware is the new software”.

The interfaces are automatically generated through configuration.

IRMAGS has several built-in independent engines which are tuned to deliver specific functionality. For example; the RULE Engine of IRMAGS. This rule engine can execute rules defined using a Truth table or a Sate machine or using simple excel sheet based methodology developed by Webyfy. These can be directly executed by IRMAGS without any additional software development. These rules can associate data from a single location or from multiple locations. The execution of a rule can trigger one or more events related to one or more locations or entities external to the system.

Fuzzy logic based Rule Engine is on the anvil.

Two methods of rule definition are shown below as an illustration.